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ASA Forest Show in Calgary">ASA Forest Show in Calgary

Leighton Centre Forest Show Invite

Leighton Cen­tre For­est Show Invite

The For­est Show art exhi­bi­tion that I’ve men­tioned pre­vi­ous­ly (here, here, and here) is mov­ing from Edmon­ton to Cal­gary after this week­end. So if you’re in Edmon­ton and haven’t checked it out yet—now’s your chance, and if you’re in Cal­gary, watch for the show at the Leighton Art Cen­tre from June 4 to July 9. There will be an open­ing recep­tion in the after­noon of June 11. I will actu­al­ly be out in the field doing song­bird sur­veys at that time, but I may be in the area and will try to make it if I can. There is a lot of great art on dis­play in this show, so def­i­nite­ly drop by and have a look if you get the chance.

The Forest Show art exhibition in Edmonton

Poster for The Forest Show art exhibition in Edmonton

Just a quick note to men­tion that the “For­est Show” art exhi­bi­tion that I’ve men­tioned before is mov­ing to Edmon­ton, and will be on dis­play at the McMullen Gallery at the Uni­ver­si­ty Hos­pi­tal from March 19 to May 22. There will be an open­ing recep­tion on March 24th—I’ll be there, and would love to see you all there.

ASA Forest Show in Edson">ASA Forest Show in Edson

Forest Evite Edson

As I men­tioned in a pre­vi­ous post a pho­to­graph of mine is on dis­play as part of the “For­est Show” curat­ed by the Alber­ta Soci­ety of Artists. I just thought I’d write this quick note to men­tion that the exhi­bi­tion has just moved to the Edson Library (Feb 2–28), and lat­er this spring will be mov­ing to the McMullen Gallery in Edmon­ton (open­ing recep­tion on March 24, 7–9 pm), and the Leighton Gallery in Cal­gary (open­ing recep­tion June 4, 2–4 pm).

Winter Festival Art Market 2011

Deep Freeze Byzantine Winter Festival

Sor­ry for the short notice, I just found out that I’ll have a table at the “Deep Freeze” Arti­san Mar­ket this com­ing week­end. I’m print­ing off a bunch of new, all-win­ter, prints and I’ll have a selec­tion of blank, win­ter-y cards as well. I’ll be there (Old Cycle Build­ing at 9141–118 Ave) from 12–6 pm on both Sat­ur­day and Sun­day (the 8th & 9th). I always appre­ci­ate hav­ing a famil­iar face drop by—Keep warm!

King’s Guild Christmas Gift Sale 2010

I had a good time at the Gold Bar Art & Craft sale last week­end, and this com­ing Sat­ur­day (Novem­ber 27th) I’ll have a table at the “Christ­mas Gift Sale” at the King’s Uni­ver­si­ty Col­lege (9125 — 50th street). I’ll be show­ing (and hope­ful­ly sell­ing) a selec­tion of prints and sea­son­al cards. The event runs from 10am-4pm, and there’ll be over 70 ven­dors. As always, it’s great to see a famil­iar face at these events—so if you’re in the area please drop by.

Gold Bar art and craft sale 2010

I’m going to be at the Gold Bar “Ear­ly Bird Christ­mas Art and Craft Show” on Sat­ur­day, Novem­ber 20th at the Gold Bar Com­mu­ni­ty Hall (4620 — 105 Ave) from 10 to 4. There is always a great selec­tion of oth­er ven­dors, and I would love to have some famil­iar faces drop by. Hope to see you there!

Trumpeter Swans at Ministik Lake

A Trumpeter Swan floats with a raft of ducks on Bray at the Ministik Lake Game Bird Sanctuary

Trum­peter Swan at Min­is­tik Lake

A pair of Trumpeter Swans float with a raft of ducks on Bray Lake at the Ministik Lake Game Bird Sanctuary

Trum­peter Swan Pair at Min­is­tik Lake

I was walk­ing the Waska­he­gan Trail though the Min­is­tik Lake Game Bird Sanc­tu­ary a cou­ple days ago (Oct 5th, to be pre­cise), and came across this pair of swans. While it’s fair­ly com­mon to see migrat­ing Tun­dra Swans fly­ing (and honk­ing) over­head in flocks this time of year, I am pret­ty sure these are the much less com­mon Trum­peter Swan—but I would real­ly appre­ci­ate if some­one more famil­iar with Trum­peters could con­firm (or con­test) my ID. These two birds were on Bray Lake, right in the mid­dle of the sanc­tu­ary, and were there when I first passed the lake, and still there lat­er in the after­noon on my way back. This is what I love about Ministik—there’s always some­thing new to see, you just have to get out there and look for it.