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Warm light on winter day

Angled sunlight creates warm colours on a mild winter day at Whitemud Ravine in Edmonton, Alberta

Warm winter colours

I took this photograph during a beautiful lunch-time walk through the Whitemud Ravine. Although it was mid-day, because of the season the light was angled low and filtered through a very light haze, giving it a warm tone. It’s unusual to see warm-toned colours much during the winter, but if you catch it just right they can add an interesting mood to an image.

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Chickadees taking flight

A Black-capped Chickadee takes flight from a bare winter perch

Chickadee wings I

Chickadee wings II

I have been settling into a new routine, having started a new work contract in the new year, and part of this routine often includes walking through Edmonton’s beautiful Whitemud Ravine during my lunch break. The chickadees in this park have become accustomed to humans, and will come in close to see if you’ve brought them anything. I couldn’t resist taking a couple photos of them, and the ones I liked best were always just before they took off. I set a high enough shutter speed to catch the details of their feathers, and hoped for the best. Whenever I tried to catch one as it took off, I got a picture of a bare branch—I was too slow. By the time I could react, the bird was gone. I had to watch through the viewfinder and wait until I thought the bird was going to jump. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m shooting digital…

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A selection of my favourite landscape photographs from 2009

Several of my favourite Alberta landscape photographers have been posting small galleries of their past year’s best landscape photographs, so I decided to do the same. It was fun to look back through a year’s worth of photos, and impossible to decide which were my “favourite”. I decided to pick one favourite photo from each of the locations in Alberta that I regularly make photographs including: Jasper National Park, Waterton National Park, and the Icefields Parkway in the Rocky Mountains; and Ministik Lake Game Bird Sanctuary, Whitemud Ravine, Gold Bar Park, and the Strathcona Science Park closer to my home in Edmonton.

I’ve posted all of the photos below as a group (in chronological order) but I will also create a separate entry for each photo to provide extra details about the image like I usually do—just click on the link below each photo to go to it’s detail page. (It will take me a little while to get them all up)

I hope you enjoy this small collection, and I do always appreciate it if you leave a comment with your thoughts or reaction. Happy New Year, and I wish you many fine photographs in 2010!

Sun, shadow, fresh snow, and thin cloud on Mount Geraldine along the Icefields Parkway in Alberta, Canada

Mountain Geraldine ridge

Along the Icefields Parkway [Click for more details]

A darkening sky on a cold winter day through the bare branches of aspen and poplar trees

Pale winter sky through poplar canopy

Ministik Lake (in the winter)

Delicate white flowers bloom in front of a background of fern

Chickweed blooms and fern

Waterton National Park

Low clouds loom at dusk over a glassy calm boreal lake

Brooding cloud over Ministik Lake

Ministik Lake (in the summer) (I know that’s cheating a little)

The evening sky is reflected in multiple channels of the Athabasca River in Jasper National Park

Athabasca River island at dusk

Jasper National Park

Several birch trees stand bare in front of subtle fall colour in the North Saskatchewan River valley

Birch stems and early autumn colour

Goldbar Park (North Saskatchewan River Valley)

Frost-covered willow thicket at dawn in the Whitemud Ravine in Edmonton, Alberta

Late autumn willow thicket

Whitemud Ravine [Click for more details]

Heavy frost coats young alders saplings during an extreme cold snap in Edmonton, Alberta

Ice fog frozen on alder saplings

Strathcona Science Park [Click for more details]

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Merry Christmas

Red berries are backlit by the sun on a bright winter morning in Whitemud Ravine, Edmonton

Mountain Ash berries on bright morning

A good friend of mine recently asked if I had a photo of a mountain ash tree, and this one sprang to mine. I took this photo in January 2004, having just traded in my film camera for my first digital SLR camera. I still remember the walk—it was a classic sparkly, crisp, bright Edmonton winter morning. This is one of my best-selling christmas card images, so I thought I’d share it, and wish you all the best for the holidays and in the new year.

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Another photo from Whitemud Ravine

Light frost on aspen sapling

Light frost on aspen sapling

Here’s another photo from my recent early morning walk at Whitemud Ravine. This photo is much more monochromatic than the one I posted yesterday, and perhaps captures the cold, frosty feel of the morning better. I made this photograph perhaps twenty minutes after the last photo, but this sapling was shaded in behind some large white spruce trees which are visible in the background. What do you think? Do you prefer this one or the previous, more colourful photo? I always appreciate the feedback, you can just click the “Leave a comment” link below–Thanks!

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Frosty morning at Whitemud

Late autumn willow thicket

This morning I went out early to Whitemud ravine. It has been a long time since I’ve been there for sunrise, and I’d forgotten how long it takes after the “official” sunrise for the light to reach the bottom of the ravine. In the meantime, I enjoyed the chilly late-autumn air and the little bit of frost on the bare willows and aspen saplings (and I froze my fingertips for the first time of the season). After walking most of the morning without finding much to photograph, I found the sun finally reaching down onto this frost-covered willow and alder thicket. I had to balance on a fallen stem to get the right perspective for this shot (shooting downwards, so the bright sky wouldn’t blow out the top of the photo).

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