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The advantages of ice fog

Ice fog frozen on alder saplings

Ice fog frozen on alder saplings

Here’s another photo that I took last saturday during our cold snap. On really cold days I like to go make photographs at the Strathcona Science Provincial Park just east of Edmonton. Their is a warm water outflow a little upstream from the park which keeps the river partially open. The mist coming from the river coats the banks, and if the sun is out, the effect can be fantastic—and very chilly looking.

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2 comments to The advantages of ice fog

  • Great fog and hoar frost this morning on the way out to Fort Saskatchewan. I wish I would have been able to stop for a few shot. Nice capture.

    • Jonathan

      Thanks for the kind words Dan. Have you pho­tographed at Strath­cona Sci­ence Park before? It’s a ter­rific place for frosty shots this time of year–I’ll be post­ing a few more over the next few days. Enjoy your week­end out! (I’m a lit­tle jealous…)

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