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Composing with Live View for effect and convenience

Amanita mushroom from above

Amanita mushroom at Ministik Lake Sanctuary

Amanita mushroom

In my last post, I didn’t say much about the photographs themselves, as they were more documentary than artistic in nature, but per­haps one thing I’ll men­tion, as some­thing for you to try out if you haven’t already, is that for the first time I used the “Live View” func­tion on my DSLR to get down really low beside these mush­rooms for an inter­est­ing per­spec­tive (e.g. the puff­ball, and the amanita).

Live View (i.e. fram­ing the photo using the LCD on the back of the cam­era) has been com­mon on point-and-shoot cam­eras for a long time, but is just being intro­duced on SLR cam­eras in the past few years. How­ever, I still find myself using the opti­cal viewfinder for every­thing except shoot­ing video—just old fash­ioned I guess (although in my defence, I think the form fac­tor of a DSLR does not lend itself to being held at arms’ length, espe­cially with a longer lens attached). In this case though, by using the Live View, I could basi­cally have the cam­era and lens on the ground, and still com­pose a decent image even though I was also car­ry­ing my daugh­ter in a big back­pack. You can see the difference in two photos above, the one on the left I made looking through the viewfinder while crouching as low as possible, and the one on the right is taken in the same posture, but using the LCD on the back of the camera to compose the image.

Using Live View (or whatever your camera’s maker calls it) for this type of otherwise awkward shot is def­i­nitely a trick that I will keep in mind for the future, and rec­om­mend to others for those moments where the unusual angle is tempt­ing, but lay­ing pros­trate just isn’t.

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Self-portrait of Jonathan Martin-DeMoor

Hi! Thanks for having a look at my personal photography journal.

I hope to regularly post new photographs that I’m excited to share with you before I can incorporate them into my more formal galleries. These will be photographs that either taken recently, or sometimes, photographs that I’ve recently processed (or re-processed). I’ll usually add a short description of where, when, or why I took each photo, and sometimes ask for feedback on things I’m trying out.

I’ll always welcome any comments or questions you may have about any of the images–you can either leave me a comment on one of the entries, or contact me directly.

I hope you enjoy these images, and please check back often to see what I’ve been up to.

‘all the best