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High-key mountain peak

The textured faces of Leah Peak are highlighted by the bright side lighting of a winter day in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Leah peak in bright win­ter light

Yes­ter­day I printed a very dark, night-time image, so I thought today I’d go the other direc­tion, and print a very bright, win­ter day­light image. Leah Peak is on the east shore of Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park, and in my opin­ion, one of the most sub­tle yet strik­ing moun­tain in the area.

I took this photo on a very bright day and it was a bright image straight out-of-camera. In Light­room I did my best to make the print as bright as pos­si­ble while retain­ing good con­trast and detail in the high­lights. I also tried con­vert­ing it to black-and-white, but I found that I missed the very slight blue in the shad­ows and warmer sun light on the shoul­ders of the ridge.

And, just for the inter­est of the real photo geeks — here are the his­tograms from yesterday’s photo and from today’s:



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Finally some new photos!

A warm late autumn breeze rustles the dried grass around a small mountain lake in Jasper National Park, Canada

Marsh grass in moun­tain lake

It has been a long time since I’ve posted much here — my apolo­gies — but it should get bet­ter again shortly…

I have decided to try “The Online Pho­tog­ra­pherMike Johnston’sSpe­cific, Detailed Pro­gram for Absolutely, Pos­i­tively Get­ting Bet­ter as a Dig­i­tal Print­maker”. In short, this is an exer­cise to get in the habit of work­ing on my pho­tog­ra­phy daily, for a few min­utes at least, and to start prac­tic­ing mak­ing prints of my work. I tend to make a few prints occa­sion­ally if I’m really excited about a new batch of pho­tos, and a stack of prints for craft sales, etc. The empha­sis of the SDPFAPGBAADP pro­gram (nice acronym…) is to just prac­tice pro­cess­ing and mak­ing prints in a low pres­sure kind of way.

I’ll give it a try for a while, hope­fully I can find the time most days and really get in the habit. If I have a lit­tle extra time, I’ll post the day’s photo here too — it should be an inter­est­ing mix of images, and I hope you’ll enjoy see­ing them. I just printed the photo above, which I took on a trip to Jasper National Park with the fam­ily last fall. I have rarely expe­ri­enced a more pleas­ant and pho­to­genic evening than this — the fall colours were in their prime, the tem­per­a­ture cool but the breeze warm, and the fam­ily was patient… perfect.

And, as always, I appre­ci­ate your feed­back — please feel free to leave me a com­ment with your com­ments or critiques!

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Mountain sunset under heavy clouds

The last light of the sun setting behind rugged peaks shines below a sky of heavy clouds

Sun­set under heavy clouds

If you’ve signed up for my newslet­ter you’ll rec­og­nize these past few images that I’ve shared — this one is from a trip to Jasper National Park that I took this spring. I was lucky enough to drive into the moun­tains just as the sun dipped below the clouds for a few min­utes before sink­ing behind the moun­tain peaks. I don’t recall my cam­era set­tings for this par­tic­u­lar image, but I was def­i­nitely think­ing of the golden rule for land­scape pho­tog­ra­phy — “f/8 and be there”.

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Spring rain over Devona Flats

A late evening spring rain falls onto the dry lakebed of Jasper Lake at Devona Flats in Jasper National Park

Spring storm over Devona Flats

I recently had the chance to get away for a few days, and had the plea­sure of being able to do some pho­tog­ra­phy in Jasper National Park. The day that I took this pho­to­graph started out clear and sunny, and as the day went along these large clouds spilled out of the Athabasca River Val­ley to the west, com­ing east towards Pocha­hon­tas where I was stay­ing. And while the clouds made it less appeal­ing to sit out on the deck in the after­noon, they sure made for much more dra­matic pho­tographs later in the evening — well worth the trade-off.

I really like the con­trast in this image of the heavy, wet sky and the falling rain streak­ing down — con­trasted with the dry river flats still await­ing the melt of higher ele­va­tion snow and the start of spring and sum­mer weather patterns.

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Bright sun on Whirlpool Mountain

Whirlpool Mountain catches the bright morning sunlight on a cold clear winter day in Jasper National Park

Bright morn­ing light on Whirlpool Mountain

Here’s another pho­to­graph from my first photo-trip of the year in Jasper National Park. I made this image from along the Ice­fields Park­way, about 20 min­utes south of the town of Jasper. I’m not sure about the name of this peak, but my best guess is that it’s Whirlpool Moun­tain, just south of Mount Edith Cavell and north of Mount Geral­dine (if any­body can confirm/correct this, please leave me a comment).

The deep blue of the sky is due mostly to the use of a polar­iz­ing fil­ter which really brought out the con­trast between the sky, the shad­ows on the moun­tain, and the bright snow-covered faces.

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ASA Forest Show in Hinton

The Forest Show

I am really excited that one of the pho­tographs from my “Tal­bot Burn” port­fo­lio has been cho­sen to be a part of the “For­est Show” curated by the Alberta Soci­ety of Artists. The exhi­bi­tion is cur­rently mounted in the Hin­ton Pub­lic Library (Jan 5 – 31), and will be mov­ing to the Edson Library (Feb 2 – 28), the McMullen Gallery in Edmon­ton (open­ing recep­tion on March 24, 7 – 9 pm), and the Leighton Gallery in Cal­gary (open­ing recep­tion June 4, 2 – 4 pm). My piece was also selected to be one of just a few pieces that will be in a trav­el­ling exhi­bi­tion show­ing through­out Alberta until 2013. I hope that you can make it to one of these venues, but if not, you can have look at the image in my “Tal­bot Burn” port­fo­lio (it’s the third image, enti­tled “Tal­bot Fire Val­ley”), or sim­ply click below to view the image full screen.

Fire-blackened spruce tree stems stand in a valley laid bare by forest fire in 2003 in Jasper National Park

Tal­bot fire valley

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Sunrise on Mount Edith Cavell

The first rays of sunlight illuminate the southeast face of Mount Edith Cavell on a clear winter morning in Jasper National Park

First light on south face of Mount Edith Cavell

Happy New Year! After a great trip to the west coast for the hol­i­days, I had the plea­sure of spend­ing my first pho­tog­ra­phy trip of the new year in the heart of the Rocky Moun­tains — Jasper National Park. I could hardly have asked for a bet­ter way to start the year than to be out there watch­ing the sun come up over freshly snow-blanketed peaks, and freez­ing my fin­gers on my cam­era. I have a bunch of new pho­tos that I’m excited to share, so check back soon!

A folio print of this image is for sale for whatever price you think is fair. Enter amount: $