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Owl hunting

A Great Grey Owl listens for rodents under the snow while hunting from a thin aspen sapling

Great grey owl hunt­ing from thin aspen sapling

I’ve writ­ten about this image before, and I want­ed to print it today, as it’s got a very dis­tinct sep­a­ra­tion between the sharp, in-focus owl and the com­plete­ly blank sky where any grain or tex­ture is pure­ly an arti­fact of sen­sor noise and sharp­en­ing in post-pro­cess­ing. As I men­tioned yes­ter­day I tried the strat­e­gy of push­ing the clar­i­ty and sharp­en­ing as far as I think looked good on my mon­i­tor, before back­ing off a bit. Yes­ter­day the print came out look­ing real­ly good (although it had a slight green­ish cast that I hadn’t noticed on-screen), so I fig­ured I’d try it on a much less for­giv­ing pho­to today. We’ll see how it turns out…

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