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Rain at sunrise at Beaverhill Lake

The rising sun adds colour to banks of rain clouds moving in over Beaverhill Lake, Alberta

Heavy clouds over Beaver­hill Lake

I made this pho­to­graph back in August of 2008 on a beau­ti­ful, calm morn­ing at Beaver­hill Lake but which didn’t last long—by mid-morn­ing the clouds had com­plete­ly rolled in, and I pro­ceed­ed with get­ting soaked (all part of the expe­ri­ence).

I print­ed this pho­to today, as the first two prints (here and here) in my Dai­ly Print project (explained here) were both high­ly-detailed, fine­ly tex­tured images with bold colours, so I thought I’d try some­thing dif­fer­ent, and a lit­tle out of the ordi­nary for me. It was inter­est­ing to see the fin­ished print—the colours turned out great, but let’s say I need to prac­tice print­ing more soft-tex­tured images… (that’s what this whole exer­cise is about though, I guess, and I’m hav­ing fun doing it too)

A folio print of this image is for sale for whatever price you think is fair. Enter amount: $

The Golden Hour — all day long

Late afternoon sun brightens up a patch of dried grasses along a wintery fenceline

Dried win­ter grass­es along barbed wire fence

The “Gold­en Hour” is gen­er­al­ly thought of as the first and last hour of sun­light in the day. Dur­ing this time, the low angle of the sun casts soft, warm side­light­ing that gives beau­ti­ful def­i­n­i­tion to a sub­ject while keep­ing the con­trast low and enhanc­ing the rich colours. But dur­ing the win­ter, here at our north­ern lat­i­tudes, that light can last for most of the day.

It’s not uncom­mon for land­scape pho­tog­ra­phers to pack it in after first light, how­ev­er anoth­er Edmon­ton pho­tog­ra­ph­er whose work I real­ly enjoy, Joel Koop, recent­ly wrote a pair of blog posts (here and here) shar­ing how he takes on the chal­lenge of mid-day light. I couldn’t agree more with him, and espe­cial­ly at this time of year I love to be out­side in the after­noon, look­ing for just the right patch of light. (I took the pho­to­graph above in late Novem­ber at just before 3 in the after­noon.)

A folio print of this image is for sale for whatever price you think is fair. Enter amount: $

Sunrise at Beaverhill

Altocumulus sunrise and willow

Altocu­mu­lus sun­rise and wil­low

Here’s anoth­er pho­to that I’ve pre­pared for the Gold­bar craft sale (see pre­vi­ous post for details). I made this expo­sure in the sum­mer of 2008 while work­ing band­ing birds at the Beaver­hill Bird Obser­va­to­ry near Tofield, AB. I saw many beau­ti­ful sun­ris­es that sum­mer, although I didn’t always get the chance to cap­ture them in a pho­to­graph.

A folio print of this image is for sale for whatever price you think is fair. Enter amount: $