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ASA Forest Show in Hinton

The Forest Show

I am real­ly excit­ed that one of the pho­tographs from my “Tal­bot Burn” port­fo­lio has been cho­sen to be a part of the “For­est Show” curat­ed by the Alber­ta Soci­ety of Artists. The exhi­bi­tion is cur­rent­ly mount­ed in the Hin­ton Pub­lic Library (Jan 5–31), and will be mov­ing to the Edson Library (Feb 2–28), the McMullen Gallery in Edmon­ton (open­ing recep­tion on March 24, 7–9 pm), and the Leighton Gallery in Cal­gary (open­ing recep­tion June 4, 2–4 pm). My piece was also select­ed to be one of just a few pieces that will be in a trav­el­ling exhi­bi­tion show­ing through­out Alber­ta until 2013. I hope that you can make it to one of these venues, but if not, you can have look at the image in my “Tal­bot Burn” port­fo­lio (it’s the third image, enti­tled “Tal­bot Fire Val­ley”), or sim­ply click below to view the image full screen.

Fire-blackened spruce tree stems stand in a valley laid bare by forest fire in 2003 in Jasper National Park

Tal­bot fire val­ley

ASA Forest Show in Hinton", posted Jan 14, 2011"> A folio print of this image is for sale for whatever price you think is fair. Enter amount: $

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