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Another photo from Whitemud Ravine

Light frost on aspen sapling

Light frost on aspen sapling

Here’s anoth­er pho­to from my recent ear­ly morn­ing walk at White­mud Ravine. This pho­to is much more mono­chro­mat­ic than the one I post­ed yes­ter­day, and per­haps cap­tures the cold, frosty feel of the morn­ing bet­ter. I made this pho­to­graph per­haps twen­ty min­utes after the last pho­to, but this sapling was shad­ed in behind some large white spruce trees which are vis­i­ble in the back­ground. What do you think? Do you pre­fer this one or the pre­vi­ous, more colour­ful pho­to? I always appre­ci­ate the feed­back, you can just click the “Leave a com­ment” link below–Thanks!

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