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ASA Forest Show in Calgary

Leighton Centre Forest Show Invite

Leighton Cen­tre For­est Show Invite

The For­est Show art exhi­bi­tion that I’ve men­tioned pre­vi­ous­ly (here, here, and here) is mov­ing from Edmon­ton to Cal­gary after this week­end. So if you’re in Edmon­ton and haven’t checked it out yet—now’s your chance, and if you’re in Cal­gary, watch for the show at the Leighton Art Cen­tre from June 4 to July 9. There will be an open­ing recep­tion in the after­noon of June 11. I will actu­al­ly be out in the field doing song­bird sur­veys at that time, but I may be in the area and will try to make it if I can. There is a lot of great art on dis­play in this show, so def­i­nite­ly drop by and have a look if you get the chance.

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