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Photography sale to benefit Haiti relief

Sorry again for the (very) late notice–my internet connection at home has been on the fritz for a couple days, but revived itself just in time.

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ll be taking part in an art and craft sale tomorrow (the 9th of April) at the McQueen Community Hall. A portion of the proceeds from all the vendors will be donated to support relief and development work in Haiti. The event runs from 2pm to 9pm, although I will likely not be set up until a little later in the afternoon. McQueen Hall is located at: 10825 McQueen Rd.

I’ll be selling a selection of photographic prints and cards and am always happy to take custom orders (proceeds from any custom orders placed during the sale will also be donated). I would love to see you all there–it should be a great way to support local artists and crafters, while also benefiting a good cause.

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