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More snow on spruce

Fresh snow covers the upper branches of two black spruce trees in the Wagner Natural Area

Fresh snow on two black spruce

Here’s anoth­er pho­to­graph from the same out­ing to Wag­n­er Nat­ur­al Area as my last post. I like how the wispy-ness of the clouds con­trasts the sol­id, high con­trast forms of the snow-cov­ered trees.

These are pret­ty clas­sic Alber­ta win­ter clouds—high, thin, light dif­fus­ing lay­ers with­out much def­i­n­i­tion (see this post that I wrote last win­ter). In this case though, I used a polar­iz­ing fil­ter to dark­en the blue sky show­ing through these thin cir­rus streaks, and that added enough con­trast to show the del­i­cate pat­terns of the cloud.

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