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Dried fireweed detail

Even lighting, a close crop, and shallow depth-of-field accentuate the curves of a dried fireweed seedhead

Curves in dried fire­weed

I know it’s odd to call this post “Dried fire­weed detail” when 95% of the pho­to­graph is out of focus. For me how­ev­er, this image cap­tures the essence of the detail—and the depth—of the dried seed pods. The title’s also a bit if a play on words—using “detail” in the sense of a close-up of a por­tion of a larg­er work, like when a small sec­tion of a paint­ing is enlarged in a book to show a painter’s tech­nique, for exam­ple. I real­ly enjoy get­ting in close to a pho­to­graph­ic sub­ject to look for an angle that can cap­ture the greater “whole” of the sub­ject while show­ing only a small por­tion.

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