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Athabasca Falls in black & white

The Athabasca river flows over the granite cliffs of Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park, Canada

Athabasca Falls

I’ve noticed that I make a greater proportion of black-and-white images than I tend to print—so I’m going to try to correct that. I took this photograph the same weekend as this photo (it was a great weekend).

And, although it’s not an uncommon technique in landscape photography (especially of waterfalls), I also haven’t experimented much with slow shutter speeds and flowing water, although a fellow Edmonton photographer, Joel Koop (see an example of his work here), has inspired me to try more.

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2 comments to Athabasca Falls in black & white

  • Hey, thanks for the link! I actually really like that you didn’t use a super-slow shutter speed here. It really shows the difference in the top of the water fall (which is still a little chunky because it’s flowing slower) and the bottom of the waterfall (which is much smoother – almost dreamy). Beautiful photo!

    • Jonathan

      Thanks Joel, and it’s my pleasure to send folks to your website!

      I shot this photo at 1/5th sec at f/8 and ISO400, after trying many (MANY) different combinations and I liked this particular setting for just the reasons you mentioned. It was a lot of fun to experiment with this technique, and I had the place almost to myself as it was late September so I didn’t feel rushed to get my big tripod out of everyone’s way!

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