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Small boreal waterfall

Small boreal waterfall in feathermoss

Small bore­al water­fall in feath­er­moss

It’s been a busy sum­mer, but I’m slow­ly start­ing to work my way through all the pho­tographs that I made dur­ing my time in Banff and in the bore­al for­est of north-west­ern Alber­ta. This pho­to­graph is of one of my favourite things to come across while walk­ing through the forest—a small creek flow­ing over a lit­tle water­fall. You can usu­al­ly hear them a few steps before you see them and it’s such a peace­ful, relax­ing sound—birds in the back­ground, cool morn­ing breeze in the tops of the spruce—beautiful.

One of the big chal­lenges of pho­tograph­ing in the bore­al is that there is so much detail—understory plants, fall­en leaves, twigs, etc. that it is some­times hard to con­cen­trate the focus of the view­er on the intend­ed sub­ject of the pho­to­graph. In this case, I used a fair­ly heavy vignetting in post-pro­cess­ing to dark­en the detail from the cor­ners and con­cen­trate the atten­tion to the water and moss. I have a port­fo­lio of bore­al pho­tog­ra­phy where I used anoth­er, more exper­i­men­tal tech­nique to achieve the same goal. Click here to have a look at that port­fo­lio.

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