Thoughts on Pricing

I have two conflicting desires when it comes to setting the price of my prints:

  1. I would like to be able to partially support myself and my family through the sale of my artwork, or at very least, to cover some of the costs involved in producing these images.
  2. I would also like for you to have a print of an image that strikes you, moves you, or that you just enjoy looking at.

If I sold my prints for hundreds of dollars apiece, maybe I could have more of #1, but I'd also certainly have less of #2, and if I sold the prints for the price of the postage I'd have lots of #2 but unfortunately, no #1—so my challenge is to balance these two options.

On-screen Viewing

Part of my solution is that I've chosen to provide high resolution, high quality, full-screen sized images that are free of watermarks or overlays for your on-screen viewing pleasure.

I am always frustrated when photographers display their beautiful photographs as tiny little notecard-sized images on their website, making it hard for me to enjoy (or consider purchasing a print of) their photography. Sure, it means that it's possible for someone to download one of my images and use it in a presentation, or a report, or even make a small print for themselves without my permission—but I think that's an okay tradeoff for me, and I hope that you enjoy viewing the large, clean images on this website (and that you refer to my copyright terms before downloading them...).

And speaking of copyright terms, you'll notice that I've also chosen to make these images available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence, which means that you already have my permission to use the images on this website for your own personal use, although I do appreciate it if you let me know of such use (just for my interest's sake).

I've also made it possible for you to share digital copies of my photographs as e-cards for free, or to download high resolution copies for a nominal charge. I hope that you will really enjoy my photography through this website and these digital products.

Fine Art Prints

Now—you've had a look through the galleries on this site, and perhaps an image has caught your eye and you would like to order a print of it. Here is where I have found the balancing act to be the most difficult. I have tried to set the price that I charge for a print low enough, and to provide a large enough selection of print sizes, that most people will be able to afford to purchase a print of a photograph that they enjoy, while still helping to cover my own costs.

However, if you are a student, a senior, out of work, or a starving artist yourself, and would really like a print but just can't scrape enough together this month—please feel free to contact me, let me know your situation, and I'm sure we can come to some arrangement. I really do want you to have a print if you really love the photograph (#2), so there's no sense letting a couple dollars get in the way. Alternately, if you are a doctor, lawyer, banker, or an heir to a private fortune, please feel free to contact me and offer me much more than the price I've set...

Folio Prints

I did my best to set a fair price for my fine art prints, that balances affordability with (my own) sustainability. For my folio prints, I'll let you decide the balance. Click here for a description of what a folio print is, and have a look at the photographs posted in my Journal, those are the images available as folio prints.

You may set the price as low as you like (there is a minimal shipping amount to cover my postage cost), but I ask that you keep in mind the commitment of time and resources that I've put in to making these photographs, and consider what a small print would be worth to you (as much as a coffee? as much as a cd? as much as a nice dinner out?), and what you could afford to contribute to help me continue being able to make these photographs. In the end, for whatever price you think is fair for both of us, I'd be happy to send you an individually numbered and signed folio print for you to enjoy.