Folio Prints

Folio prints are an idea that I first encountered through Brooks Jensen, the editor of LensWork magazine. Folio prints are small prints designed to be appreciated in the hand, instead of on the wall—a collection of folio prints could be thought of as a custom, unbound photography book.

I've decided to make available folio prints of all the images that I post in my Journal. Some of these images are also in my portfolios or catalogue, others are not. My folio prints are vertically oriented 8.5" by 11" pages with the image measuring approximately eight inches along the widest dimension. Each print includes the image title, the date it was taken, as well as my name. I sign and, although editions are not limited, I hand-number each print. All of my prints (including folio prints) are printed digitally on high-quality, archival inkjet paper using only top-quality inks.

Below is a link to a sample folio print as a pdf file. Keep in mind that the quality is lowered by the digital compression required to make it a small enough file to download. Click here to download the sample pdf.

Folio prints are available for whatever price you think is fair, please see my notes on pricing.