Purchase Fine Art Prints

All of the images in these galleries are available as high quality, archival fine art prints. I use professional quality inks and papers, and I do all of the printing personally to ensure that the utmost care is taken to produce the best results possible. I have decided, however, to charge prices that, I hope, will not be a barrier to people who would like to own a print of one of my images.

All my prints are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction for life - if over the years your prints fade slightly or are accidentally damaged I will replace them free of charge.

I offer a range of sizes, and am willing to print custom sizes on request. Many of the images are a non-standard aspect ratio (length:width e.g. 8x10). If you prefer a matted print, I will cut a custom mat to fit each individual image for a small additional cost. Below is a table of what is currently available:

Longest Dimension
Large Print
18 inches
unmatted $ 75
matted $ 95
Medium Print
12 inches
unmatted $ 50
matted $ 70
Small Print
8 inches
unmatted $ 20
matted $ 35

I also offer gift certificates if you'd like to let a lucky someone pick out an image on their own. You can choose from a list of standard denominations from $5 and up, add a personal note, and can either print the customized certificate off yourself, or send it to the recipient by e-mail.