About the Galleries

As you may have noticed, I've arranged this collection of my images chronologically.
I've done this for a number of reasons:

  1. It reflects the way that I make photographs. I don't go out one day and make only photographs of plants, or only landscape shots. One of the things that I hope to be able to convey in my photography is the complexity and beauty of the whole community in the areas that I shoot. By keeping all of the images together, I hope the spectrum of what is out there is more easily perceived.

  2. It reveals the way that my artistic style has developed. By keeping the images in a chronological order, those who may be interested can browse through from the beginning and watch techniques and styles develop. Those interested in the work I'm currently producing can choose to browse only the most recent galleries. Developing a unique style and experimenting with new ways of making photographs that appeal to me, and express what I hope them to, is for me, one of the most exciting aspects of photography.

  3. One of the most important, and beautiful, natural rhythms is the changing of the seasons. As such (and in keeping with the chronology of the galleries), I have grouped the galleries within each year, by season. While browsing through the images in the galleries I hope that viewers can gain a feel for the natural cycle of the seasons that so strongly influences the life in the boreal forests.

And for those of you brave enough to read through (or scroll past) all this text, one more little piece of information:

The title I've given these galleries--'Silvicola borealis Images'--is derived from latin roots, and roughly translates to 'inhabiting the northern forest'. The prefix 'silvi' relates to the forest, as in 'silviculture' which is the practice of growing and tending a forest. 'Borealis' refers generally to things northern in nature, and is from 'Boreas' - the Greek god of the north wind.