Personal Biography

self portraitI have been making photographs for many of my few years, and for most of those, photography has been my primary creative output. I am a biologist/ecologist by training and by experience - I spend the majority of my time during the summers chasing birds and trees through the boreal forests of northern Alberta, generally with my camera close at hand.self portrait

The ecological diversity and subtle aesthetic beauty of the boreal forest was, and continues to be, the inspiration for both my professional and creative pursuits.

I strive to show through my photography the beauty of things that are too easily and too often passed by, or missed entirely, by too many people. I try to show common things in uncommon ways, and try to redirect the focus of the image from the literal subject matter to a portrayal of the mood, or essence of subject.

self portraitAlthough I do not make images to speak directly to the causes of environmental conservation, I hope that through the observation, and interpretation of my photography, the viewer might come to recognize the inherent value and beauty of the natural world around us.

self portraitI have a beautiful, supportive partner living my life with me, I have close friends that have encouraged and delighted me beyond measure, and I have a family that got me started and who keeps me going. I would like to thank all of them for what they have given to me. I also have a very good dog, and would like to give her a pat on the head. UPDATE: I also now have the world's cutest baby daughter, and would like to give her a kiss on the cheek.

And finally, thank you, dear viewer, for spending some time browsing around here,